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Saturday, 17 February 2007

If you have every thought about making money from your woodwork craft hobby, This is the place to be.  Here at Passion for Woodwork  we provide quality business advice, hints and tips to help turn your passion to profit. There is money to be made from your hobby and with the right advice and a little effort you can live the life of your dreams. Working at what you love and making money from it.


For a while now we have been selling a book called "Woodworking as a Business : Turning Your Passion to Profit" Image

The book has been a staple for many people building a woodworking craft  business. Take a look at it here .


So why start the Passion for Woodwork site ?



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Putting it all together (Part 4 Paling Fence Project)
Written by Derryck   
Thursday, 12 April 2007

Galavized joist screw
Once all the posts are in and lined up against the string line, its time to put the rails on. The rails will hold the palings so they need to be fairly solid timber (4" x 2") with plenty of wood to accommodate the number of nails being driven into them without splitting.


I usually use three rails on the fences I build.  One about  8"of the ground one 8" from the top of the fence and one in the middle. Of course if the fence is very low then just a top and bottom rail are required. To add extra strength to the fence cut the rail lengths so they span three posts and stagger the joins. Staggering the joins reduces the chances of the fence bending on a post with two or more joins.


Earlier on I would use 4" nails to attach the rails to the post but now I use galvanized joist screws. These little babies are fast and very strong. However they chew through battery power using a cordless drill. Its far better to use a powered screw driver.



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